Manage multiple warehouses through one system!

Are you stuck with dealing with multiple warehouses manually? Don't worry, we offer a centralised warehouse management system where you can manage multiple warehouses efficiently through one system.

Key features of the inventory management system

Centralised Warehouse Management

We offer a single platform, unified inventory, and database management.

Less Processing Time

Improve your processing time to complete complex operations and go smoothly.

Improved Traceability

Get the history of every operation you performed very easily when you need it.

Reordering Rules

Reordering rules will help you to ensure that there is sufficient stock in your inventory.

Multiple Warehouses

MetroERP facilitates multi-warehouse to increase processing efficiency and also helps in the stock in/stock out/stock take process.

Product Variant

The product variant concept will help you if you are having multiple variants of any product/s.

Routing System

The routing system will help you in multistep routes, initiate carrier and country of destination and also allows you to print a label at the chosen steps.

Delivery Management 

MetroERP has an advanced delivery management system that will help you to ensure timely delivery of the products.

Customised Reporting

MetroERP facilitates customised and advanced reporting. It will help you to generate a report in various formats and also various custom filters and group-by functionalities will ensure finding accurate data.


Centralised Warehouse

Because of the centralised approach to operations, we offer a single platform, unified inventory, & database management. As a result, data will be distributed effectively, and internal communication and information sharing will be reliable. Furthermore, the platform's modular approach to business management operations provides you with a dedicated application-specific module to monitor and oversee all of the company's activities on all levels effortlessly and effectively.


Well-designed inventory dashboard

Manage your warehouses and operate your inventory operations from the dashboard.

Get real-time information and track your operations easily.


Fit for any sized business

Our solutions for inventory management can fit into any business. You do not need to be a business of high size.

Inventory management is totally integrated with sales management and purchase management to automate the process. So one solution, multiple operations.


Customised Reporting

Every business needs clear reporting functionality to track the operation and also for documentation.

We are offering here a customised reporting facility to reduce those efforts. Also, filter and group-by functionality will increase getting accurate results easily.

Customer onboarding process


We follow a defined structure for our customer onboarding

Data migration

We will migrate your existing data to our system


After quality check and all we will complete all kinds of implementation processes


We will provide training to your staff regarding how to use the system efficiently

FAQs about inventory management

 You need to create a sales quotation first. Then confirm the quotation by clicking on "Confirm" button. A delivery order will be automatically created after confirming the quotation. Validate the "Delivery order". The quantity will be reserved automatically.

  We provide a customised approach on reporting. From reporting, you can see "Forecasted inventory" report. Here in this section, you will be able to see detailed report of product demand even filtered by monthly/weekly etc.

You can use barcode in different operation related to inventory. You can add barcode on product level. You can add barcode with product, location, operation type etc... You can print from configuration --> settings.

Replenish method is used to maintain stock. It ensures that there is sufficient quantity of stock is available. There is a menu in header "Replenishment" from where you can set replenishment rules.

Yes, it is possible to set the product expiry date. You can set it by doing the following steps:
Go to inventory dashboard --> Click on configuration --> Click on settings --> scroll down and come to inventory section --> Activate checkbox of "Expiration date".  

Maximum of the companies may have multi-warehouse. Make sure you have enabled multi-step routes and selected storage locations. Then you just need to follow the below steps:
Go to inventory dashboard --> Click on "Configuration --> Warehouse" --> Create (Add warehouse details) --> Save it.  

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