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How Metro ERP can help these industries?

Metro ERP is an all-inclusive solution designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of Pet Hotels, Hotels, Rooms, and Event Halls. With its Website Module, businesses can create captivating online platforms to attract customers and streamline their booking processes. The Booking Management Module ensures seamless reservation management, while the Sales and Purchase Modules optimize revenue generation and procurement operations. The Inventory Module enables accurate tracking of stock and resources, while the Point of Sale (POS) Module simplifies transactions. Additionally, the Accounting and Invoicing Modules provide robust financial management for these industries.

​ Streamlined Booking Management

​Metro ERP's Booking Management Module offers a centralized system for managing reservations, ensuring efficient allocation of rooms, event halls, and pet accommodations. 

    It simplifies the booking process, reduces errors, and optimizes resource utilization. 

Seamless Online Presence

   With the Website Module, Metro ERP enables businesses to create attractive and user-friendly websites.

    This feature helps showcase services, provide real-time availability, and facilitate online bookings, thereby expanding the reach and visibility of the business.


Integrated Sales and Purchase Management


    Metro ERP's Sales and Purchase Modules streamline the entire sales cycle, from generating quotes to finalizing contracts and processing payments. 

​It also facilitates efficient procurement of supplies, ensuring timely availability of necessary resources for the business.

​ Effective Inventory Control

​The Inventory Module of Metro ERP allows businesses to manage and track their inventory levels accurately. 

    This feature helps prevent stockouts, optimize stock replenishment, and minimize wastage, ensuring that rooms, event halls, and pet supplies are always available when needed. 

​Convenient Point of Sale (POS)

   Metro ERP's Point of Sale (POS) Module enables seamless and efficient transaction processing at on-site locations.

    It supports various payment methods, manages discounts and promotions, and integrates with inventory management, providing a comprehensive POS solution for the business.

Robust Accounting and Invoicing


   Metro ERP's Accounting and Invoicing Modules automate financial management processes. This includes generating invoices, tracking payments, managing expenses, and providing comprehensive financial reports.

​It ensures accurate and efficient accounting, reducing manual efforts and improving financial transparency.

Explore the related modules
By integrating these modules will create a great combination for your ERP system.

Metro ​Sales Management
Create sales quotations, sales orders, delivery orders & invoices efficiently with the MetroERP sales management system.

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Metro Purchase Management
Manage your vendor/supplier. Create a purchase quotation and a separate price list for your vendor. It is very easy.
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Metro Invoicing Management
For any company, the smooth movement of goods and services is the most essential aspect as it’s the core of business operations.
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Metro Inventory System

Manage your inventory stock, perform multiple transfers and get a centralised warehouse management system.
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Metro Website Builder

​Get a website of your own in no time. Add your analytic account, and get a well-designed, customised theme.
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Metro Booking Management System

Manage your project as well as your team. Get a customised dashboard, profitability, and also get a customised report.
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Metro Point of Sale (POS)

Sell your product without any hardware dependency. Provide discounts and loyalty points and also run promotions for your customer.
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Metro Accounting System 

Manage your financial statement efficiently e.g managing vendor bills, customer invoices, and more. Also, get customised reporting.
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Efficiency Unleashed: Streamline Your Business with our Advanced Accounting System!

Discover the power of seamless financial management with our cutting-edge accounting system, designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle their finances. Our feature-rich platform, akin to Metro but with even greater capabilities, empowers enterprises of all sizes to effortlessly manage accounting tasks, track expenses, handle invoicing, reconcile transactions, and generate insightful financial reports


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Absolutely! Metro ERP's Booking Management Module efficiently handles high volumes of reservations, ensuring smooth operations even during peak seasons.

Definitely! Metro ERP's Website Module offers user-friendly tools and templates that allow you to create captivating websites for your hotel, even if you have no technical background.

Absolutely! Metro ERP's Inventory Module provides real-time inventory tracking, enabling you to monitor stock levels and ensure a seamless supply of resources for your event hall.

Certainly! Metro ERP's POS Module is designed to handle various payment scenarios, including split bills and multiple payment methods, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

Absolutely! Metro ERP offers seamless integration with popular online booking platforms, allowing you to centralize and automate your reservation process effortlessly.

Absolutely! Metro ERP's Sales Module provides comprehensive sales tracking and reporting tools, enabling you to monitor and analyze your hotel's sales performance in real-time.

Definitely! Metro ERP supports multiple currencies and offers international transaction capabilities, making it ideal for hotels with a global customer base.

Absolutely! Metro ERP's Accounting Module offers customizable financial reports, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your pet hotel's profitability and make informed decisions.

Certainly! Metro ERP's Purchase Module streamlines the procurement process, automates purchase orders, and provides tools to help you negotiate favorable deals with suppliers.

Absolutely! Metro ERP's Invoicing Module simplifies the management and tracking of customer payments, helping you maintain accurate records and ensure timely payment processing