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Send sales quotations to your customer, and manage your sale process easily. Keep track of the entire progress.

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Why Metro ERP Sales Management System?

Take your sales to new heights with Metro ERP Sales Management System. Unlock unparalleled efficiency, insights, and growth potential for your business. Join the ranks of successful companies that trust Metro ERP for their sales success.

Customised Dashboard

 Boost sales efficiency and Streamline operations.

 Track performance and Gain valuable insights.

Send Quotation Online

 Effortlessly create and send professional quotations online.

 Close deals faster with our online sales management system.

Get Signed Approval 

  Accelerate sales success with seamless customer approvals.

  Get signed agreements faster, boosting your revenue.

Use Quotation Template

  Create one template and use many time you want while creating quotations.

  Automatically all information from template will be updated inside quotations.

Provide Discount

  Provide discount for better customer engagement.

  Provide discount in percentage or fixed.

Customised Reporting

  Unlock key metrics and Drive sales performance to new heights.

  Many filter, Group-by and custom filters for your better reporting.

​Explore the related modules​
By integrating these modules will create a great combination for your ERP system.

Metro Accounting System 
Manage your financial statement efficiently e.g managing vendor bills, customer invoices, and more. Also, get customised reporting.

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Metro Inventory Management
Manage your inventory stock, perform multiple transfers and get a centralised warehouse management system.
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Metro Retail Management System

Empower Your Retail Business with Metro Retail Management System.
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Metro Booking Management System
Manage your project as well as your team. Get a customised dashboard, profitability, and also get a customised report.
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Metro E-commerce Management System
Get a centralised backend system. Integrate your online shops with our system. Manage all shops from the system and save plenty of time.
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Metro ​Purchase Management
Manage your vendor/supplier. Create a purchase quotation and a separate price list for your vendor. It is very easy.
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Metro Point of Sale (POS)
Sell your product without any hardware dependency. Provide discounts and loyalty points and also run promotions for your customer.
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Boost Your Sales Success: Introducing Metro ERP Advanced Sales Management System

Effective sales management requires seamless collaboration and communication among team members. With Metro ERP sales management system, you can foster better teamwork, enabling sales reps to work together effortlessly, share crucial information, and stay updated on each other's progress.

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Still Unsure? Find Your Answers Here

Metro ERP sales management system is a tool that helps businesses streamline and optimize their sales processes, resulting in improved efficiency, better sales team performance, enhanced customer relationship management, and increased revenue.

Metro ERP sales management system provides sales teams with valuable features like lead tracking, contact management, opportunity management, sales forecasting, and performance analytics.

Metro ERP sales management system streamlines the sales process by automating manual tasks, centralizing data, and providing a unified view of sales activities. It helps sales teams save time, minimize errors, collaborate effectively, and focus on revenue-generating activities, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system includes quotation management features that enable you to create professional-looking quotes and send them to clients or prospects directly from the system. This simplifies the quotation process, accelerates sales cycles, and enhances professionalism in customer interactions.

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system offers robust analytics and reporting functionalities, allowing you to track and analyze key sales performance metrics. You can gain insights into pipeline health, revenue projections, win/loss ratios, individual/team performance, and more, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement..

We prioritize the security of your data. Metro ERP sales management system incorporates robust security measures, including data encryption, user access controls, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your sales data. 

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system is designed to scale alongside your business. Whether you have a small sales team or a large enterprise, our software can accommodate your needs. It offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to the changing requirements and growth of your business.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system promotes collaboration and communication among sales team members. It provides features like shared calendars, task management, internal messaging, and document sharing. This fosters teamwork, improves coordination, and enhances productivity within your sales organization.

Metro ERP sales management system is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. We also offer comprehensive training and support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support, to ensure a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing assistance.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management system offers workflow automation capabilities. You can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, lead assignment, follow-up reminders, and email notifications. This saves time, reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and allows your sales team to focus on high-value activities.

Absolutely. Metro ERP sales management system provides customization options to tailor the system according to your unique business needs. You can configure fields, workflows, sales stages, reports, and dashboards to align with your specific sales processes and requirements. ​Our Key Features
Metro Group exclusively caters to small and medium-sized businesses.

Yes, Metro ERP sales management software offers integration capabilities with various tools. This allows seamless data exchange and collaboration between your sales management software and other such as CRM, marketing automation, or accounting software

How can Metro fit in your Business!!

Metro ERP solutions for thriving industries.

Retail Shop
Involves the sale of products to customers in a physical or online store environment. Requires inventory management, pricing strategies, and customer service to drive sales,Marketing, merchandising, and financial management are key aspects for success in the retail industry. 

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Air Con Servicing, General Service, On Site Services

​Air Con Servicing: Maintenance, cleaning, and repair of air conditioning systems for optimal performance and indoor air quality.. Wide range of on-site services addressing various needs such as maintenance, repairs, installations, and support for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

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Offices​/Financial/IT Company Offices/Financial/IT Company

This business encompasses professional workspaces, financial services, and IT firms, playing crucial roles in business operations and technological advancements.

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Pet Hotel / Hotel / Rooms / Event Halls

These establishments offer accommodations and event spaces. Pet hotels provide boarding and care services for pets, hotels offer lodging facilities for travelers, and event halls are designed for hosting various events. These services cater to the needs of travelers, pet owners, and event organizers.

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These establishments offer accommodations and event spaces. Pet hotels provide boarding and care services for pets, hotels offer lodging facilities for travelers, and event halls are designed for hosting various events. These services cater to the needs of travelers, pet owners, and event organizers.

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Health Care Management

Our Health Care Management System in Singapore can optimize your healthcare system. Get expert solutions and seamless Health Care Singapore management. Get the Best Health Care Management in Singapore.

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