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Key features of the Sales Management System

Customised Dashboard

You can see most of the details from the dashboard. It's fully customised and also easy to redirect to different pages.

Send Quotations Online 

Create sales quotations very easily and send them through email from our system.

Get Signed Approval

Once a quotation is created and sent to your customer through email, we provide an interface where your customer can approve it and sign it as proof of approval.

User Template

A quotation template is very useful to reduce time as well as effort where you can create one quotation template and create multiple quotations using it.

Give Discount

If you want to provide a discount on any product then you can do that with our sales management system.

Customised Report

You will get a section where you can generate a report to track your process and all.

Customised Dashboard

Our sales management system provides customised dashboard which helps to track all of the activities easily with easy redirection. You can go to any page easily from the dashboard.

Get signed approval from your customer

With our sales management system create a quotation online and send it to your customer through email directly. We provide an interface where customers can approve the quotation and also can add his/her signature as proof of approval.

Detailed reporting

Our solution facilitates a well-designed customised report. Reporting is important functionality to track the record accurately. We have a reporting section from where you can get a detailed report as well as you can use filter/group-by to sort the result data.

Use quotation template

We facilitate custom quotation templates. It will reduce time & effort if a quotation template is being used. If there is no template then there will be a need to put all the information again while creating any quotation. Here, the quotation template helps. Create one template and use it multiple times.

Schedule activity

Activity scheduling is a good feature to track the process. You do not need to take headaches from taking follow-ups again and again. Schedule your weekly/monthly activity and go easily.

FAQs about the sales management system

On the MetroERP you can easily create a quotation template. It will help you quickly create sales quotations by using templates without much effort and time. 
Go to "Configuration --> Quotation template --> Add product details, terms & conditions and expiration time. 

Once you are done with your sales quotation, just confirm the quotation, and the sales order will be generated already.  

 Once you created a quotation and shared with your customer. We provide an customised interface from where customer can process approval/rejection. Also your customer will be able to add signature as a proof of approval. 

 Yes, you can provide a discount on particular products. while creating a quotation, please input the discount amount/percentage and it will reflect on your quotation.

We have integrated a calendar with our sales management system. Go to the "Activity" section and schedule your activity.

Our solution offer custom filter and group-by functionality which will help you to sort data as well as more accurate data. 

Click on "Reporting" from the header --> Click on "Filter/Group-by" --> Click on "Custom filter/Custom group-by" --> Set your condition --> Get your data.

Customer onboarding process


We follow a defined structure for our customer onboarding

Data migration

We will migrate your existing data to our system


After quality check and all we will complete all kinds of implementation processes


We will provide training to your staff regarding how to use the system efficiently

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