Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). 

For companies looking for more support, they undertake deeper transformation in business upgrading, innovation, and internationalisation!

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Metro Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)?

 Under the direction of Enterprise Singapore, the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) programme aims to support business expansion, innovation, and modernization. Companies can apply for EDG, which offers government subsidies of up to 50%, to support their company improvement projects by hiring us as recognised management consultants. ​Projects that address sustainability may receive 70% support from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026. For further information, consult the Enterprise Sustainability Programme.

What is EDG grant Singapore?

One of the awards available in Singapore, the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), aims to assist businesses in expanding internationally or modernising their operations. The Capability Development Grant (CDG) and Global Company Partnership (GCP) are combined to create the EDG grant.

​Previously, SPRING Singapore offered the CDG grant and International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) gave the GCP grant. The result of the amalgamation between the two organisations is the EDG grant.

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Key Fact About the EDG Grant

The Singapore, a government organisation that promotes firm development, has launched the Enterprise Development Grant. The EDG strives to assist companies in their endeavours to innovate, transform, and reach markets outside of Singapore. It offers funding for initiatives in three crucial areas:

This programme is intended to encourage companies to invest in enhancing existing capabilities, discovering new markets, and implementing cutting-edge technologies. By doing this, the grant hopes to improve Singaporean businesses' general competitiveness and resilience and give them the tools they need to succeed in a changing international market.

Up to 50% of eligible costs.

The operation process generally spans 8 to 12 weeks.

Basic Requirements :

1. Business registered in Singapore.

2. Have a minimum 30% or more local shareholding.

3. It should be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project.


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The EDG grant is designed to support both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and non-SMEs. It is applicable to three main categories, each with specific project areas that are eligible for support.

The Core Capabilities category supports various project areas, including strategic brand and marketing development, business strategy development, human capital development, service excellence, and financial management.

Certainly! The Innovation and Productivity category supports project areas such as product development and process redesign and automation.

The Market Access category under the EDG grant helps businesses in various ways, including funding for pilot projects and test-bedding, establishing overseas marketing presence, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and supporting standards adoption.

While the EDG grant supports a wide range of project areas, it's important to note that software costs fall under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and are not eligible for funding under the EDG grant.

By choosing Metro ERP, you can leverage the benefits of the EDG grant to enhance your business capabilities and streamline your operations. Our ERP solution is tailored to the specific needs of SMEs in Singapore, ensuring seamless quotation generation online and comprehensive support for your business processes.

The Singapore government's EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) is designed to support SMEs with up to 70% funding and non-SMEs with up to 50% funding for qualified costs. The grant application will be assessed based on your Group's revenue and employment size.

Yes, Metro ERP is eligible for the EDG grant, allowing you to leverage this funding opportunity and accelerate your business growth. By implementing Metro ERP, you can enhance your operations and productivity while enjoying substantial financial support from the government.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to apply for the EDG grant, ensure you have the following essential documents ready:

  • A well-prepared project proposal in the specified format.
  • Latest ACRA information (not older than six months).
  • Audited financial statements.
  • Quotation from the vendor for the project.
  • Relevant certification from consultants, if applicable.

If you qualify for the Enterprise Development Grant, follow these steps to initiate the EDG application process for Metro ERP:

1) Login to the EDG Grant Portal

If you have all the required documents ready and are prepared to apply for the EDG, access the Business Grants Portal and submit your application.

2) Accept the Letter of Offer

After your application is processed, log in to the Business Grants Portal and accept the Letter of Offer. The Letter of Offer will detail the approved grant amount, project deliverables, and the project qualifying period.

Please note that the Letter of Offer must be accepted within its validity period to remain valid.

1) Continue with Your Project

Complete the Metro ERP software implementation and training within the stipulated timeframe.

2) File for a Claim

To submit your claim successfully, ensure that your company meets the following criteria:

  • Your company has utilized the Metro ERP solution mentioned in the application.
  • Your company has made full payment for the Metro ERP solution.
  • Your company has submitted all the required documents as listed below.
  • Once your claims are approved, disbursements will be made accordingly.

Documents Required During the Claim Process

For a smooth claim process, prepare the following documents:

  • Invoices and receipts from the Metro ERP vendor.
  • A project summary report in the specified template form.
  • Documentation of project deliverables as outlined in the project proposal.
  • A bank statement confirming full payment made to the Metro ERP vendor.

By following these steps and preparing the necessary documents, you can streamline your EDG grant application process and get the most out of Metro ERP, Singapore's top ERP solution for SMEs. Simplify quotation generation and optimize your business operations with Metro ERP today!

Step 1: Access the Enterprise Singapore Grants Portal To begin the process, log into the Enterprise Singapore Grants Portal. This portal serves as the platform for submitting your EDG grant claims.

Step 2: Upload the required documents After accessing the Grants Portal, proceed to upload all the necessary documents related to your Metro ERP purchase. Our team will guide you on the specific documents needed to facilitate a smooth claim submission.

Step 3: Select an auditor from our pre-qualified panel Choose an auditor from our carefully curated panel of qualified professionals who will conduct the audit for your EDG claim. This step is essential to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Step 4: Submit your claim application With all the documents and auditor selection complete, submit your claim application through the Grants Portal. Our system is designed to make this process quick and seamless for your convenience.

Step 5: Expect follow-ups from the EDG officer and auditor Once your claim is submitted, rest assured that our dedicated EDG officer may contact you only if clarifications are required regarding the project deliverables. Simultaneously, the selected auditor may also reach out to verify the claims to streamline the process.

Step 6: Receive your approved grant Upon successful processing of your claim, the approved grant amount will be efficiently transferred to your company-designated account using the secure and reliable GIRO system.