​How to configure the vendor pricelist in the purchase module?

You can set vendor/supplier pricelist very easily with Metro purchase management system. To set you need to do this following steps:

To create a vendor pricelist in Metro ERP's Purchase App, follow these steps:

1) Once logged in, navigate to the "Purchase" module by clicking on its icon in the main dashboard or by using the application menu.

2) Once logged in, navigate to the "Purchase" module by clicking on its icon in the main dashboard or by using the application menu.

3)  Inside the Vendor Pricelists, you will see “List of Vendor Pricelists”. 

4) ​Click on them to see more information on a certain vendor Pricelist. On the screen, the Vendor Pricelist profile will appear. This profile provides a pricelist and vendor information. Details like the vendor's name, vendor product name, vendor product code, and delivery lead time are shown under "Vendor Information." The specifics of the Product, Product Variant, Quantity to be Purchased from Vendor, Per Unit Price, Pricelist Validity, and Name of the Company are listed under Pricelist Information. The Vendor Pricelist can always be modified by choosing the Edit option.

Create New Vendor Pricelist:

Click on the CREATE button to add a new Vendor Pricelist to the database. On the screen, the New Vendor Pricelist form page will appear. You must complete the following fields on the form:

Vendor: The company's name from which the product is being bought.

Vendor Product Name: Indicate in the request for quotation what product(s) you require. The internal name of the product will be printed on the request for quotation if the field is left empty. 

Vendor Product Code: Just like with Vendor Product Name, you must input the code for the product you want to appear on the request for quotation. Leave the option blank if the internal product name has to be printed on the request for quotation.

Delivery Lead Time - Enter the number of days between the time the purchase order is confirmed and the time the goods are received in your warehouse as the lead time. The scheduler uses this to automatically calculate the buy order planning.

Product - Enter the name of the product from the configured products in this field. You can add new products to the database from the Products tab > Products option > CREATE if the product isn't already included in the list of available products. 

Product Variant: Choose the product variant from the list if you want to apply this producing vendor pricelist to a certain variant. The vendor pricing will be applied to all product variants if the product variant is not fixed.

Unit Price - Enter the cost of the product to be purchased here along with the currency that was used in the transaction.

Validity - In this area, you can specify the vendor pricelist's expiration date. The vendor pricelist's beginning and ending dates can be entered in the corresponding areas.

Company Name: Enter the name of the company here.

5) By selecting the SAVE button after filling out all the fields with the required data, you may verify the Vendor Pricelist. Along with other pricelists already in existence, the saved vendor pricelist will be shown.

Now at the time of creating purchase quotation, when you will select that particular vendor and product that selected price will automatically will appear in your quotation.

To get more details on how to use the Purchase module, please do contact us atsupport@metrogroup.solutions