How can I generate reports on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis?

​The purchase module's advanced Reporting feature, which is offered, will provide insightful reports on the company's buy operations. You can use reports you produce on a daily, monthly, or annual basis to evaluate your purchasing activity. The dynamic purchase reporting platform will assist you in performing pivot tables and graphical analyses of data.

The line chart showing the untaxed total of the purchases depending on their confirmation date is displayed in the screenshot up top. Depending on your preference, you can view the graphic reports as line, bar, or pie charts. You can arrange the Line and Bar charts either in ascending or descending order.

Average Cost, Days to Confirm, Days to Receive, Gross Weight, Quantity Billed, Quantity Ordered, Quantity Received, Quantity to be Billed, Total, Untaxed Total, Volume, and Count are some of the options for the Measures.

The Request for Quotations, Purchase Orders, Confirmation Date Last Year, Order Date, and Confirmation Date can all be used to filter the report. You can add new custom filters to your reports using the Add Custom Filter option.

In a similar vein, the platform for purchase reporting will also provide you with default Group By options.

Vendor, Vendor Country, Purchase Representative, Product, Product Category, Status, Company, Order Date, and Confirmation Date are among the criteria you can use to group the reports. To build custom group by options, click the Add Custom Group button.

You can compare the current report with those from the prior period as well as the prior year by using the Comparison option when using the Confirmation Date filter.

Now, let’s check the Pivot view of the Purchase report.

You may add more data to the table by clicking the small + icon. Using the Insert Spreadsheet button, you may turn the report into a spreadsheet. The purchase reports can be modified to your specifications so you can easily analyse them.

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