How to use product tags in sales application?

To use product tags in Metro ERP's Sales App, follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Sales" module by clicking on its icon in the main dashboard or using the application menu.

2) Go to the Product menu in the Sales application. Create a new product or select an existing product, then write the tag name and create or edit the tag in the tag fields for that product.

3) To create tag directly then navigate to the Product Tags menu in the sales application.

3) Click on the "Create" button to create a new tag.

4)  Fill in the Tags form with the tag name, color, and sequence. Also you can include here products in the Tags form product line, so that the tag will be added to the products directly.

5) Or you can go to the product form and select the tags you created.

6) After adding tags to the products, you can see the tags in the products' Kanban view as shown in the screenshot below.

7) Tags will be shown in the Product Tree view as displayed in the screenshot below.

To use product tags in product, please do contact us at