How do I create a miscellaneous entry in Metro ERP Accounting?

Creating a Miscellaneous Entry in Metro ERP Accounting

This guide will walk you through creating a miscellaneous entry in the Metro ERP Accounting module. A miscellaneous entry allows you to record financial transactions that don't fit neatly into other categories like sales, purchases, or payroll.


You should have a basic understanding of debits and credits in accounting.

An account should be created for the miscellaneous expense or income you want to record.

Access the Accounting module: You can access the Accounting module from the main dashboard: Click on the Accounting application icon. (Refer below screenshot).

Accessing the General Ledger Module

Locate the "Accounting" Menu: Within the Metro ERP accounting dashboard, navigate to the top menu bar and identify the option labelled "Accounting"

Click on the "Accounting" menu. This will reveal a dropdown menu. Select the option “Journal Entries” this will directs you to the general entry functionalities. (Refer below Screenshot)

Click the "Create" button to initiate your first miscellaneous entry. (Refer below Screenshot)

Enter Transaction Details:

Reference: Assign a unique reference for this specific transaction.

Accounting Date: Select the date the transaction occurred.

Journal: The default option is "Miscellaneous Operation." A dropdown menu allows you to select other options like "Inventory Valuation," "Exchange Difference," or "Cash Basis Tax."

Add Transaction Lines:

Click "Add Line" under the chosen journal item.

Debit Side: Select the appropriate debit account, partner, and enter the debit amount.

Credit Side: Click "Add Line" again. Choose the credit account, partner, and enter the credit amount.

Multiple Lines: You can add additional lines as needed to account for various debits and credits within the same journal entry.

Saving and Posting:

Click "Save" to record the journal entry without permanently finalizing it.

Click "Post" to permanently record the journal entry. Note: Once posted, the entry cannot be deleted.


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