How do I setup Peppol Settings in Metro ERP?

Metro ERP system, specifically the settings configuration page for the Peppol module.

1) Go to the Settings application by clicking on its icon in the main dashboard or by using the application menu.

2) Navigation Pane (Left Side)

  • This contains various menu items, including General Settings, Sales, Reports Configuration, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, and Peppol. You are currently in the Peppol settings section.

3) Main Settings Area

  • The main area is divided into several sections where you can configure settings related to Peppol. Here are the sections and fields visible:


  • BaseURL: This is the endpoint applied on the Access Point. The URL provided is
  • Version: The default API version, set to v10.
  • Timeout: The default API timeout in seconds, set to 20.

Peppol Lookup Directory

  • API End Point: The default endpoint applied on the Access Point. The URL provided is
  • Authorization API Key: The default bearer token value used for authorization. The key shown is a JWT token.

SG Electronic Address Scheme

  • Scheme Numerical Code: Set to 0195, indicating the specific scheme code used in Singapore.
  • Scheme Identifier: Set to SG:UEN, representing the scheme identifier for Unique Entity Number (UEN) in Singapore.

Mail Template for Business Registration

  • Email Template: The default template used to send emails related to business registration. The selected template is Peppol Business User Register.

3) Action Buttons

  • At the top, there are action buttons for "Save" and "Discard," allowing you to save or discard the changes made in the settings.

4) Search Bar

  • A search bar is located at the top right, enabling you to search for specific settings or configurations within the module.

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