How to create bank account in account system?

To create a bank account in Metro ERP's Accounting App, follow these steps:


1. Access the Chart of Accounts:

Log in to Metro ERP and navigate to the Accounting App.

2. Go to Chart of Accounts:

Look for the Chart of Accounts or Accounts section in the Accounting App's menu.



3. Add New Account:

Click on the option to add a new account. In some ERP systems, this may be labeled as "Create" or "Add Account."

4. Select Account Type:

Choose the account type "Bank" to indicate that it is a bank account.


5. Provide Account Information:

Fill in the required details for the bank account, including the account name, account number, currency, and other relevant information.

6. Set Opening Balance (Optional):

If there is an opening balance for the bank account, enter it in the appropriate field. This is the balance of the account at the start of the accounting period.

7. Save the Bank Account:

After providing all the necessary information, save the bank account. It will be added to the Chart of Accounts.

8. Configure Bank Account in Transactions:


Once the bank account is created, you can configure it as the default bank account for various financial transactions such as payments, receipts, and transfers in the Accounting App's settings. This ensures that transactions related to this bank account are automatically recorded when processed.

9. Reconcile Bank Transactions (Optional):


Periodically, you may need to reconcile the bank account to match the recorded transactions with the actual bank statement.

By creating a bank account in Metro ERP's Accounting App, you can effectively manage your company's financial transactions related to that bank account within the integrated accounting system. This allows for accurate financial reporting, improved cash flow management, and streamlined bank reconciliation processes.

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