How to change GST amount or Set-up GST

To change GST amount or Set-up in Metro ERP's Accounting App, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the Accounting Module.By Clicking on the 'Accounting' application.

 There will be two configuration

  1. Configure Charts of Accounts

  2. Configure GST

2) Click on "Configuration →Taxes"

3) Search for GST and open it.

There will be two entries. One for Sales and another for Purchase.

4) Open "Sales" one first.

5) Click on "Edit" and change

→ "Tax Name" → GST 8% to GST 9%

→ Amount → 8 to 9

6) Click on Save.

7) Now copy your charts of "Account number"

8) Click on "Configuration → Charts Of Accounts"

9) Search by that "Account Number"

10) Click on "Set-up" 

11) Click on "Action → Duplicate"

12) Change the "Account name" (e.g, GST 9%). Save it.

13) Now go to the tax again (Configuration → Taxes)

14) After coming to the particular tax (GST 9%), click on edit and change the accounts

15) Now save it

16) Go to Settings

17) Search by "Tax"

18) Now in "Sales Tax" field select "GST 9%" (that we have created now)

19) Click on "Save"

Please note: The same way you can set /change GST for Purchase.

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