​How can I access the Age Payable Report?

To access the age payable report in Metro ERP's Accounting App, follow these steps:

1) Once logged in, Navigate to the Accounting module:

  • On the main dashboard, click on the Accounting module.

2) Access the Reports Menu:

  • Once you are in the Accounting module, look for the top menu bar. Find and click on the Reporting menu

Select Age Payable Report:

  • In the dropdown under the Reporting menu, you should see various reporting options. Look for and select the Age Payable report.

This is where you can access your accounts payable reports.

3) Configure the Report:

  • After selecting the Age Payable report, you will be taken to a page where you can configure various parameters, such as the date range, filters for specific suppliers, or other relevant criteria.
  • You can filter the report according to your requirements, such as "Today," "Last Month," "Last Quarter," or "Last Financial Year," by utilizing the filter option provided in the accounting module.

4) You can filter the report by your customer, by utilizing the filter option provided in the accounting module.

5) Alternatively, you can apply a custom filter to access your report's data.

6) Click on the small arrow icon to view all details recorded for partners.

7) You can print your report's data in PDF and Excel formats by clicking on the Print and Export buttons.

You can review the report on the screen. If you need a hard copy or a digital copy, Metro ERP typically provides options to export the report in various formats, such as PDF or Excel.

To get more details how to access age payable reports, please do contact us at  support@metrogroup.solutions