Creating a Comprehensive Customer Account Statement

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A customer account statement is a document that shows all the invoices and payments related to a customer in one month. People often ask for these from the accounts department. Sometimes, customers can't pay until they get a customer statement. To ensure you are ready to handle such requests, it is better to have a template ready to fill in with customer info and send out quickly. 

What you need to include are: 

  1. Company Name: Include company name in your customer statement. It ensures clarity in communication.
  2. Reference Number: At the statement, prominently display a reference number unique to the invoice. This aids in quick identification and serves as a useful reference point for both customers and internal processes.
  3. Table with 5 columns
    1. Date
    2. Invoice Number
    3. Status
    4. Invoice Amount
    5. Payments Made
    6. Remaining Balance/Due
  4. Total: Highlight the final total prominently to ensure clarity and facilitate easy comprehension. 

By following these guidelines and maintaining consistency in formatting, you can create customer account statements that are informative, easy to understand, and conducive to prompt payments.

Metro Accounting System: Simplifies Customer Statement Tracking:

  • Quick view of the invoice details for particular customer
  • Quick view of total quotation created
  • Quick view of total purchase order created
  • Quick view of total invoice typo amount for the particular customer
  • Quick view of the vendor bill for the particular customer
  • Print customer statement
  • Sent customer statement to the customer via email

Customer Statement Screenshot

Below is the screenshots of the system to show you how our customer statement looks like

Here is a quick video to let you know more. Click here

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