How to add Products in the Cart? What are the different methods to follow?

To know how to do this, first login to your Metro ERP Application.

1) Navigate to Point of Sale > Dashboard > Select your shop 

2) If you have an existing POS session, you can directly open it. If not, you can create a new POS session by clicking on the "New Session".


3) Once you're inside the POS session, you'll see a screen where you can add products to the cart.


4) You can add your Products in various ways:

       Scan the Product barcode where it automatically adds it into the cart.

       Search the Product by its Name, barcode etc. Click on the Product that you wish to add into the cart.

5) Filter your Product by its category and add the required product into the cart.

6) Click on the "Payment" button to process the sale and complete the payment process.